Cancellation and Refund Policy

Artzake aims at excelling in customer service and satisfaction which includes guaranteeing the originality and similarity of the product to the description on our website. When customers receive products that are damaged during delivery they are entitled to returns and refund for the product which can be availed within 3 days from delivery.

General refund policy:

  • The refund process needs to be initiated within 3 days of delivery completion.
  • Any cancellation of orders need to be done before commencement of shipment. Once product shipment is initiated cancellations will not be allowed.
  • A product is eligible for refund only under conditions where the product has been damaged during shipment.
  • In case of breakage during shipment, customers are entitled to a full refund which will be credited to their website wallet. The credited amount can be debited from the next purchase.
  • No direct refund of cash will be sent back to the customer’s primary account. All refunds will be credited to the customer’s website wallet.
  • All products are eligible for refund only when 
    • The refund is initiated within the permissible return window.
    • If you have received a product which is physically damaged upon delivery.
  • Natural air hole formations visible on the product will not be considered as a deformity for replacement or refund.
  • Products will not be eligible for refund under certain conditions such as 
    • Refund initiation after 3 days of delivery.
    • Buyer’s remorse such as incorrect model ordered.
    • Breakage of the product while in possession of the customer.
  • Products will be eligible for replacement only if the seller has the exact same item in stock else a refund will be initiated.

Conditions for Returns to be processed:

  • A clear photograph describing the damaged area need to be uploaded to us which will be verified by our team.
  • The product needs to be the same product that was shipped to you.
  • Proof of originality that is the shipment invoice along with the shipment date needs to be mentioned along with the uploaded photo of the damaged product.
  • Refunds will be initiated only if the product was damaged during shipment and not while in the possession of the customers.

Returns and Refunds:

Refunds need to be initiated within 3 days of delivery of the product. Once the issue has been verified, the respective amount will be credited to your wallet within 7 working days. This credit can be availed during your next purchase. The refund amount will not be directed to the customer’s personal account. 

Refund Initiation process:

Follow the steps in order to initiate a refund for your product.

  • Click on the returns and refund section on the website
  • Upload a clear image of the damaged product which shows the damaged area along with the hardcopy of the invoice generated and provided to you along with the shipment.
  • Provide appropriate reasons stating the need to replacement or refund.
  • Upon verification we will initiate the process subject to your request being legitimate as per our returns and refund policy.

Shipping policy:

  • We at Artzake want nothing more than our customer’s satisfaction, we assure you that our product will reach you at the estimated time. All shipping charges for the product has been allocated in accordance to our shipping partners. All the products here are shipped by our shipping partners hence the delivery speed and cost are determined by them
  • The time required for shipping is determined by the shipping partners and the company will not be responsible for any early or late deliveries. But in cases of issues with the shipment you can contact us at our customer care centre. Any issues that leads to cancellation can be initiated only prior to shipment once the product has been shipped the order cannot be cancelled. 
  • However the customers can initiate a refund for product damaged during shipment which will be validated by our team and the refund amount will be credited to your website wallet. The cost of shipment is formulated on the basis of weight that is the shipping charges will be calculated on a weight per kg basis.

Refund conditions once shipping commences:

  • Once the tracking information for the order has been provided no refund will be initiated for “Item did not arrive” instead you will be given the tracking no and will be asked to contact the shipping company.
  • Refunds for “Item did not arrive” cannot be initiated until 7 days after the estimated delivery date, before which you can contact us to get the tracking number and the shipping company contact details.
  • In cases where the product still has not been delivered after 7 days post the estimated delivery date we will reattempt the delivery and replace your product with no additional cost.