About Us



Hi, I’m Sujatha. Since you are reading this I know that You & I share a common passion – beautiful environment around us. My passion for creative work has kept me in the creative industry since 2004. Ever since, I have loved my work of beautifying spaces and have done more than 300 interior projects in residents, office space, showroom, schools and institutional projects. Nothing excites me like a new project and this cement artifact is to enhance the existing space with a sense of serenity. Finally I hit a product which can be used both indoor & outdoor. Together lets create more beautiful and Soulful spaces.


Artzake offers products that are nothing but pure class and beauty. Our products are artistic designer products which are handcrafted using the cement molding technique. We provide beautiful artefacts which can be used to improve any space both interior and exterior. Our product can be used where ever you see it fit for instance it can be used in homes, restaurants, landscapes, office spaces, spa, reception, hotel lobbies, lounges etc. The world around us is already beautiful, so why hesitate in taking advantage of it? We @ Artzake offer you designer products to help you take advantage of the existing space around you and enhance its beauty.